JC&C N Scale Layout


Welcome to my Johnstown, Carterville & Camerondale (JC&C) Nscale layout. The JC&C is a recreation of the Woodland Scenics Scenic Ridge 3’x6′ layout kit. Some of the main differences are a few added spur tracks for small operations, a lead to a future staging yard and the use of Kato Unitrack instead of Atlas that comes in the kit. I also built my layout on a hollow core door that stretches the layout to 6’8″, and used 2″ blue foam for my base.

Even though it’s a relatively small layout, it has still taken the better part of 2-3 years to get to its current stage, and it is far from complete.

The Prototype, or Lack of One

My layout isn’t based on any one prototype, nor does it use any one road for power. I have favorites from just about every road, past and present. The Baltimore & Ohio and Chessie System will always top the list though.